Poorvika is a leading smartphone selling e-commerce website with more than 200 showrooms in every corner across 43 cities in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Karnataka. The company is headquartered in Chennai. They are the biggest e-commerce website for smartphones in south India with an average visitors of 20,000/day. Their best-selling brands are Apple, Samsung, Sony and Redmi.


Individuality speaks for itself. Buy happy is an e-commerce hub for everything- from clothes to kitchen and other home need products. They intricately curate every item on their product list for a hassle-free and unique customer experience. And the customer testimonials do say that they BUY HAPPY to BE HAPPY.

Aachi Kitchen

Aachi Kitchen is a “Quick Service Restaurant” owned by Mr. A. D. Padmasingh Isaac, founder of the Aachi Groups of Companies. They serve authentic taste of South India prepared with much trusted Aachi masalas. Today, Aachi Kitchen is one of the top restaurants in serving organic and healthy food at a reasonable price in Chennai.

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Aachi Global School

“From a gentle step to the milestone” Mrs. Rebekah Abishek, from the Aachi group of companies took this initiative to create a unique and innovative schooling system for the kids under the age of 8. She introduced Hongkong's Interactive based Learning Module (IBL ) for the first time in Chennai which help the kids to learn rather than study. A global school with more than 50 champs focuses on proactive teaching methods to help develop children’s skills by learning from the surroundings with the involvement of parents.

Diadem Bridal

From a boutique to an award-winning online shop to a complete bridal store- DIADEM has witnessed it all. Shiny Cinderella, from the Aachi group of companies, founded the brand “Diadem bridals” which grew as the one-stop destination for all bespoke outfits for weddings and parties.

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Telebuy is a leading online marketing brand headquartered in Chennai offering Fitness, Healthcare and Household products. The company is led by CEO Mr.Vasanth Chandrasekar who is the distributor of goods to Indian consumers. Their marketing strategy is through the Internet and Television networks which brought an impressive growth of over 50% on annual basis.